Alzheimer’s Drug LMTX found ineffective in clinical trial

A new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, called LMTX, has been found ineffective in its first large clinical trial to check the rate of progression of mental disability and daily functioning. The drug, however, may be effective for certain patients.

Very young star discovered far from any star forming region

The discovery of a very tiny young star has taken place far away from any star forming area. The area is so isolated that astronomers are baffled about how it came to be.

Learn about Hepatitis C virus this World Hepatitis Day

As July 28 is World Hepatitis Day, all should know what the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is. It is a blood-borne virus that occurs by sharing needles or from unsterile tattoo equipment. Most people have no symptoms. It is treated with antiviral medications, but in case of some people treatment can be difficult. The disease causes chronic liver disease, serious liver damage, and liver failure.

18 military bases at risk from rising tides, new report predicts

In the last 10 years solely, thermometers have calculated some of the hottest average temperatures in documented history. With the increase in mercury, climate change is quickly turning into a sad reality for many.

In the United States solely, 13.1 million people living in low-lying regions may be forced to move because of rising tides, as per sea level projections.

Google launches ‘Google Play Family Library’ for apps, movies, books, and TV

In a recently-published blog post, Google has announced that it is launching a new Family Sharing feature for Google Play apps, movies, TV shows, and books. The feature is called the 'Google Play Family Library.'

Tor Project has verified claims about developer Jacob Appelbaum’s "sexually aggressive behavior"

According to The Verge, a recent statement released by The Tor Project -- a nonprofit that is largely known for its online anonymity software -- has confirmed sexual misconduct by former core developer Jacob Appelbaum.

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The rise in number of people without jobs was marginal in August while the unemployment rate was satisfactory, said the country's labor agency on Thursday. This indicates that the labor market in Europe's largest economy has not stumbled...

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Nanomachines, an integral part of sci-fi that may be used to provide various benefits to the human body, are small machines or robots whose dimensions are measured in nanometer. Such devices have only existed in fiction so far.

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