Autistic kids’ parents can help reduce their symptoms’ severity: study

Parents of autistic children can help reduce the severity of their symptoms and enhance their ability to communicate by working with them from a young age, a new study suggested.

In the Pre-school Autism Communication Trial, the researchers found that parents who get involve with autistic children can reduce symptoms like repetition and improve their communication skills.

Dr. Jonathan Green, a professor of child & adolescent psychiatry at University of Manchester, noted that autism is a really devastating diagnosis for families, who often question what to do next.


Samsung is expanding Samsung Pay to some new countries

In an announcement made recently, bigwig South Korean conglomerate Samsung said that the availability of its Samsung Pay mobile payment platform is being expanded to some new countries, including Russia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

According to Samsung’s announcement, the move to expand Samsung Pay to new countries will make the company’s mobile payment solution available in a total of 10 countries by the end of the year.


Hexagon on Saturn’s North Pole mysteriously changed color: NASA

American space agency NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has noticed that the giant hexagon surrounding Saturn’s North Pole has changed color.

Created by a semi-permanent hurricane located at the north pole of the planet, the massive six-sided cloud pattern has been known to scientists since the Voyager missions in the early 1980s.

The Cassini probe, which has been orbiting Saturn since the year of 2004, has extensively studied the hexagon. A recent footage sent back to earth by the probe showed that the hexagon has changed its color from blue to gold.


Cigarette smoking causes 167,133 deaths in U.S. annually: report

Various categories of cancer caused by cigarette smoking claims more lives than the entire population of Salem, Ore., annually, the U.S. Surgeon General cautioned in a newly released report.

According to the report, twelve categories of cancer caused by cigarette smoking are to be blamed for at least 167,133 deaths in the country in a single year. The smoking-caused 12 categories of cancer include: lung cancer, oropharynx cancer, esophagus cancer, larynx cancer, stomach cancer and bladder cancer.


NHTSA issues guidelines for protecting connected cars against cyberattacks

On Monday, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued guidelines for automakers and developers, highlighting the need to protect increasingly autonomous cars against cyberattacks.

The 22-page document released by NHTSA outlines the agency’s voluntary best practices for automakers going forward. The document underscores the fact that the NHTSA acknowledges that protection of connected cars against cyberattacks will be an ongoing battle.


Texas nurse who contracted Ebola while treating patient settles lawsuit

A Texas nurse who contracted deadly Ebola virus while treating a patient two years ago has finally settled a lawsuit against the hospital where she became infected, both parties confirmed.

In a newly released joint statement, Texas Health Resources, the parent company of the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and Nina Pham said they resolved the pending lawsuit and wished the best for each other.

However, none of the two sides revealed the terms of the settlement of the pending lawsuit.


Kansas police being trained to appropriately handle people with mental illness

Kansas law enforcement agencies are now paying greater attention to how officers deal with people suffering from mental illness and developmental disabilities.

Noting that some individuals with mental issues have to wait for a long time to get treatment, Lenexa Police Capt. Wade Borchers admitted that police have to take a more active role in dealing with people in crisis at a time when the mental health system is under soaring pressure.

Borchers stressed that law enforcement agents need to respond to all situations, irrespective of how difficult the situation is.


LG is reportedly shuttering its modular smartphone efforts

In a recent report, Korea’s Electronics Times has revealed that bigwig smartphone maker LG will revert to a more-traditional smartphone design for its next flagship handset -- LG G6.

The report implies that LG is planning to drop the modular smartphone design which it introduced with the G5 handset.

The decision to shutter modular smartphone efforts makes LG the second company in recent days to withdraw from the modular approach for handsets. Earlier, in September, tech biggie Google had announced that it is shutting down its own Project Ara modular smartphone initiative.



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