German Experts Press For Oust of Greece from the EU

Nonetheless, after extending second bail out to the debt-stricken Greece, it was believed that euro zone crisis would take a breather, the news of larger countries like Italy and Spain may soon place themselves in the same category has jolted the 17-nation currency clan. With the growing outrage over the future of European countries, the domineering Germany has always kept its foot ahead over every other European country.

If reports are to be believed, German experts and economists are of the opinion that Greece must exit from the EU, followed by Portugal and even Italy.

Its being widely claimed that injecting financial stimulus though may help Greece, the lending country is thrown at a back-foot, as their economic sustainability comes under scanner.

As of now, there is no provision under EU to oust any nation, irrespective of economic status, legal experts are of the say that once other European countries will take their steps back, Greece would have no choice but to leave the group.

However, sentiments outside the Germany are totally different, where the countries are of the opinion that it could have disastrous effect on the integrity of the EU. Not even this, the financial market would not be able to bear such reckless and cruel exclusion.