Markets Regulator Approves Merge Of Deutsche Boerse and NYSE Euronext (NYX)

Yesterday, the Chief Financial Markets Regulator approved merging of Deutsche Boerse as well as NYSE Euronext (NYX).

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, BaFin has approved barter deal which was agreed earlier in February. In a statement, Deutsche Börse said that an evaluation, identical to investigates of shareholder control carried out by the authorities of the stock exchange.

On the other hand, representatives of exchange which is based in Frankfurt said: "BaFin's overall conclusion was that there are no grounds against the merger in Germany in terms of banking supervisory regulations". Earlier in July, NYSE Euronext as well as Deutsche Börse has successfully implemented policies to reserve some support from the shareholders. However, the Chief Operating officer of NYSE Euronext, Lawrence Leibowitz has declined any information regarding any deal yesterday.

On Friday, a group of media people has insisted that European antitrust authorities attempted to negotiate with regional market regulators as an attempt to efficiently deal with various competitive issues pinpointed by NYSE Deutsche Börse. Simultaneously, a Spokesperson of the EU Competition Commission has hailed media persons, and notified about continuous investigations.

However, sources have revealed that the deal seeks an approval from European antitrust authorities.