Esbriet Treatment to be launched In Germany on September 15

InterMune declared that soon the German patients will be facilitated with Pirfenidone, also known as Esbriet, a drug used for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

InterMune is a biotechnology firm that deals in research work, development and identification of the pioneering therapies related to pulmonology and fibrotic diseases.

Esbriet got the approval of the European Commission (EC) to treat adults suffering from IPF, and now as of September 15, it will be available for the German patients suffering from the condition.

On February 28, the EC approved marketing of Esbriet, and since then, Norway and Iceland have been using the treatment and soon Germany is to follow their footsteps. Also, France, Italy and Spain will start using it by the middle of 2012.

InterMune President, Chairman and Chief Executive Dan Welch stated that it would be great news for the IPF patients in Germany. This will be the first time ever when the patients be facilitated with the treatment which would help in reducing the deterioration of the lung functioning.

Welch stated that the medical authorities and staff in Germany are well acquainted with the treatment and will provide enhanced facilities and services to the patients undergoing the treatment. The medical authorities will ensure that each patient gets the access to the Esbriet treatment and soon it would be introduced across Europe.