Rangers under Threat of Earning a Bad Reputation

The supporters of Rangers team are of the view that its fan following could be severely damaged if they are going to be forced to play matches out of the public eye.

This is as a result of a disciplinary action that has been imposed on them by the UEFA. The club had been informed on the basis of their submissions from the Europe organization for the Football against Racism in place of the UEFA delegate to the match.

According to the Chairman of RST, this is going to be a very damaging step. It shall not only mean a lot of financial loss for the firm but also a lot of los in terms of reputation. He further added, “This is a major concern because what you are being invited to believe is that watching football with Rangers fans is the worst, most unpleasant, racist and sectarian experience you will have in Europe”.

An anti-racism organization in Europe is of the view that this is not a deliberate action and the club has not been made target of opposing the general view of the public. On the other hand, if the members of the club were found violating the rules of the order, they might have to pay heavy penalties for the same.