Greece witnesses Rise in Fuel Prices

Though temperature of Greece has been declining, people have been feeling the heat, the heat of soaring prices of fuel.

People are quite worried about their livelihoods, as a significant rise has been witnessed in fuel prices. Not a long time has passed when the government said that they have abolished the practice of tax breaks on heating fuels.

Sofia Kanaouti, a university lecturer said that the step taken by the government in October was taken to save million of euros. However, it should have been noted by the government that it gets difficult for a regular salaried person to pay for heating oil, leave aside low-income group people.

It should be understood by the government that with decline in temperature, need for heated oil will get increased. Moreover, this winter has seen a generous rise in winters, which means that more heating oil will be needed.

Change in fuel prices will require, people to pay €1.35 of heating oil this year in comparison to 95 cents, which used to be paid in last year. Majority of people have raised objections with regard to the price.

"In the Second World War, people were selling furniture for food. If the situation continues now, we will be selling our furniture", said people, while describing the situation.