High- End Bikes: A New Way to show Uniqueness in Style

It seems that nostalgic feeling is proving quite expensive for rich Chinese. They have been buying bicycles, which cost them more than the salary of an average citizen, which it makes in three years.

It is quite exciting to know the country, which is credited as the world's largest auto market is a lover of high end bikes. This craze has made market analysts to predict that the sales of high end bikes will increase by 10% a year.

Yu Yiqun, who is the creative director of an advertising company, said that he totally adores his bicycle, which he bought for 1, 00,000 yuan. He is sure of one thing that no other such bike is present in the country, and that is what which makes him boast about his bike.

Yu said that a number of memories are attached with bike, as earlier, his father used to take him at distant places on bicycles. It is not only a great means of transportation, but also a good way to keep oneself fit.

"Demand for mainstream luxury items such as premium cars, watches has come to a point of saturation. High-income groups now turn to high-end bikes to show off the uniqueness", said Yu about the increasing trend of bikes in China.