Western Digital makes routers now

Though the manufacturing of internal and external hard drives has thus far been the key focus area of Western Digital, the company has now ventured into the wireless networking arena, with its new range of simultaneous dual-band wireless N routers.

On Thursday, Western Digital unveiled its very first line of wireless home networking products - the `My Net' lineup - which has chiefly been designed for the purpose of giving a notable boost to movies, video and gaming.

The routers being offered by Western Digital are available in three basic models --- the $80-priced My Net N600; the $120-priced My Net 750; and the $180-priced My Net 950. In addition to the routers, the company has also come up with a switch - the My Net Switch - which has been priced at $70.

The My Net N600 routers from Western Digital will include 4 fast Ethernet ports and 300 Mbit wireless on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands; while the My Net 750 will allow gigabit Ethernet as well as 450 Mbit wireless on the 5 GHz band; and the My Net 950 routers will include a staggering seven gigabit Ethernet ports and 450 Mbit wireless on 2.4 as well as 5 GHz bands.

About the `My Net' family of routers, Western Digital said that the products boast the company's new exclusive FasTrack technology, which is capable of instantly detecting entertainment traffic on the network, and fast-forwarding it to smart TVs, gaming consoles, media players, computers, tablets, smartphones, and other Wi-Fi connected devices.