Canada, Switzerland Give Clearance to Novartis Flu Vaccines

In consequent to no risk found, Novartis's flu vaccines were given clean chit by Canadian and Swiss health authorities. It has been confirmed by Swissmedic and Health Canada that all the anti-influenza vaccines are safe enough for humans.

It was only when small particles were spotted in some of the injections that they came under scanner. But, now things seem to be fine as reports have confirmed that vaccines would not compromise on the safety factor.

"Once we confirmed that the information that the Italian regulator had made its decision on was the same as that which we got from Novartis and the same that the Swiss had got, then we felt comfortable with the decision", said Dr. Paul Gully, Health Canada's senior medical adviser.

It was told that Novartis's vaccines Fluad and Agrippal, which were apparently manufactured in Italy, were banned in Switzerland and Canada, while Italy has also taken back subunit Influpozzi and adjuvanted Influpozzi.

However, Austria's health ministry is not that keen as of now to lift the ban as they have advised physicians not to use Novartis's Fluad and Sandova.

The drugmaker has shared his satisfaction over the decision taken. Apparently, the company was quite confident of the positive nod once the company unveiled third-quarter sales.