Tymoshenko’s Hunger Strike Worrying Doctors

Yulia Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukrainian, has gone on hunger strike, as per the findings of a recent report, for the only reason that she does not want to get treated by Ukrainian medics.

It has been revealed that she is a patient of German doctors only and she seeks a treatment by them. It is therefore that she is refusing food as of today. But, doctors are concerned and are praying that German doctors arrive soon since, a fixed time of their arrival is not known to them.

However, it is not for the first time that the woman has gone on food strike. The report finds that she had did it in April 2012, when her alleged forced hospitalization had to face a scandal. Also, recently on October 29, Tymoshenko went on strike as the parliamentary elections got fiddled.

Raisa Moiseyenko believes that no one should go on hunger strike, especially when on medical treatment. Though, she has not given any idea if her condition could get worsened with the strike. Also, force-feeding is being avoided.

"She does not need a hunger strike. Medics do not recommend her to refuse food today. When a person undergoes rehabilitation he or she should not go on hunger strike", said Moiseyenko, first Deputy Health Minister of the nation.