Despite Unions’ Efforts, GM Declares Closure of Opel Plant in Germany

To compensate for the losses incurred in its European business, US car maker General Motors (GM) has declared that it will be declining the number of jobs and also mentioned about the shutting of Opel plant in Bochum, Germany.

During a press conference, the company announced: "Following the discontinuation of the current Zafira Tourer (2016) and subject to further consultations, no new product is planned for manufacture at the Opel plant in Bochum".

The decision made by the company will have a direct impact on 3,200 employees who were working at the Opel plant and also on hundreds of thousands of other workers who were dependent on the plant.

Since the previous spring, there has been continuous discussion between IG Metall trade union and works councils with the company's management. They were well aware that GM is looking forward to the closure of the plant, but they were continuously making efforts to change the minds of the bosses and at the same time giving assurance to the employees and workers.

Rather, the union, in order to defend jobs, tried to offer the bosses generous allowances favoring the company, including delaying of paltry pay, which rose by 4.3%. Despite the efforts, the plant will be closed and workers will be given salaries from May to October.