Air Berlin Knocks Court’s Door to seek Compensation

Air Berlin, said to be the second biggest carrier in Germany, has knocked the doors of court to seek compensation from the makers of new international airport in Berlin.

Air Berlin has alleged that the airport's opening has been repeatedly delayed by the consortium. Air Berlin's Chief Executive Hartmut Mehdorn said they waited a lot and now they want their compensation through courts.

It was in the starting of 2012 that the airport construction group said that they will again not be able to open the airport in June, which was pre decided month for the opening. Now, they have changed the date of opening to October 27, 2013.

It is not that Air Berlin did not try to have out-of -court-settlement, but Mehdorn said that all their measures and talks to settle the matter did not turn fruitful. This is the reason that they have decided to seek compensation from court. "We've decided to make our claim for compensation through the courts", said he.

For now, it is said that the loss will run in billions of euros, but the final amount will be decided to see the loss that has been witnessed by Air Berlin in winters.