Angela Merkel Eyes to Resolve Sticking Point of EU Budget with UK

There is no doubt that things are not well between Germany and Britain considering the disagreement about the EU budget. On the same lines, there is going to be a meeting between German chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. But before heading for it, German chancellor made it clear that Britain must not back out.

"With a strong Europe with 500 million we are in favour of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and democracy. Look around the world at where this isn't the case and be happy that we are together", she said, asserting that she is looking forward to see a strong UK in the EU. She made it clear that she would do her best to ensure that Britain remains a part of the EU.

The meeting is scheduled on Wednesday night and this is going to affect a lot the meeting which would happen between all 27 EU member state leaders on 22 November. Britain counterpart apparently is of the view that there is no need to increase the European budget as of now with countries facing crunch.

There are high expectations that the inflicting point of the EU budget for 2014-20 would be resolved with parties involved reaching at a common point instead of standing firm on their stance.