Great Start for 2013 Federal Budget Planning

Recently, Germany's federal budget was debated in parliament. One of the main things that have happened is that 2013 budget of the country will be in lines with that of the EU fiscal treaty. The decision might give a chance to opposition to remain jealous.

However, there are a number of things that have happened great this time. It has been said that Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that cuts will be made and her office will be the first one to see the same.

Setting a good example and great start, Merkel said that her office will see a cut of 10 million euros. Merkel was found saying that they have come up with a consolidation budget. Experts said that if things moved this way then they will surely meet the conditions of the European fiscal pact and that too by 2013.

Experts think that things have been in place for now and seeing those steps, it is said that federal deficit budget for 2013 will be somewhere around 17.1 billion euros. "One could say that a balanced budget is within sight, and consequently, we keep working at it", said Norbert Barthle, who is a CDU budget expert. Other experts have also been expecting a good performance from Germany.