Europe’s Largest Economy Signaling Rebound

According to a recent survey conducted to analyze a total of 7,000 firms, business climate index for Germany rose by 1.4 to 101.4 in November this year.

Earlier, the reading was recorded to be 100.0 in October. The largest economy has recovered from the continuous decline that troubled it from last six months. Positively, a rise was recorded this month.

The data has been revealed by Ifo named think tank based in Munich. The rise has surprised the 41 predictions by the economists who expected the drop in number further down to an average of 99.5. These predictions were made by the economists via Reuters poll in which the estimates fell between 98.5 to 100.3.

Ralph Solveen from the Commerzbank said that the rise was positively surprising for him. Fears of euro zone breaking apart have faded evidently after the recorded growth, he added.

The increase was unexpected as said by an economist from Capital Economics, Jonathan Loynes. He further stated that the rise has given some relief but that won't affect the stagnated growth of Germany to any good extent from quite a long time.

"The situation in Germany appears to be coming to a head. The broad and deep uncertainty in the economy now threatens to impact domestic demand", felt Bernd Hartman of VP Bank.