How Many Votes for Palestinian Bid for UN Status?

France supports Palestinian bid for UN status, confirm officials from the country yesterday when they talked about their back support to the Palestinian bid for enhanced United Nations status at a General Assembly vote that is scheduled this week.

Explaining about the support to the National Assembly, Foreign Minister Mr. Laurent Fabius spoke in his statements about Paris's consistent position on the issue followed with his confirmation over France's (one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council) vote for a non-member observer state status for the Palestinians.

"We will vote with coherence and clarity", he said. "You know that for years and years France's consistent position has been the recognition of the Palestinian state", he said, recalling former French president Mr. Francois Mitterrand's risking of his position in a 1982 speech to the Israeli parliament.

He added that the support is same since the tenure of former rightwing president Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy when Palestine was admitted to UNESCO last year. Moreover, recognition of Palestine is also one of the current President Mr. Francois Hollande's campaign planks.

Even the Austrian foreign ministry has confirmed its backing to the Palestinian bid with their open claims confirming voting by more than half of the European Union's 27 member states in favor of the proposal.