EU Summons Israeli Ambassador

Israel's recent announcements of withholding the transfer of tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority has sent the Israeli ambassador summon from not only the European Union but from several Western nations too like Britain, France, Spain, Sweden and Denmark, to express its concerns over settlement expansion plans.

Al Jazeera's Ms. Nicole Johnston has also reported from Ramallah on the fraught economic relations between the two sides along with stating upon the occupation and its importance for the businesses in the West Bank.

According to the reports coming from Hebrew media, the diplomatic pressure started with Panama's Wednesday's summoning over Israel's ambassador for protesting Israel's decision of expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

For the knowledge of all, Panama was also among the nine countries, which voted against the resolution that suggested upgrading of Palestine to a non-member state of the UN, in November this year.

Moreover, the foreign ministry in Rome has also confirmed about summon that was sent to the Israeli ambassador by Foreign Ministry Secretary General Ms. Michele Valensise, on the indications of Foreign Minister Mr. Giulio Terzi on Wednesday for a meeting to express strong disapproval over Israel's settlement expansion plans.

However, Italy has showed deep concerns to the decisions of settlement building during its meeting with the Israeli ambassador to Rome.