Spain under Stress to develop SAREB

It seems that Spain has not been playing right cards, as that could be the reason that it has taken such steps to tackle loans, which have been keeping investors to remain at bay. Experts said that there are a number of questions that need answers, but it seems that Spain has no answers for them or has preferred to leave them unanswered.

It has been found that it is going to open SAREB, which will have 60 billion euros. Experts have been questioning the authorities concerned that do they have plans, as how they are going to manage the assets.

It seems to be quite a tense situation for Spain, as it does not have any clue as how to go about. Good news was that Spain has been able to raise 2 billion euros in the form of private capital, which was a dire need by the end of the year.

Experts said that it is not a child play to build SAREB. "There are huge logistics involved. You need lawyers, infrastructure, technological servicing. That is not set up", said experts. To develop SAREB will not be an easy thing for Spain authorities and the main expectations are from international investors.