Eli Lilly to Carry Out 2nd Clinical Trial for Alzheimer’s Drug

Eli Lilly, an Indianapolis drug maker, has come up with an experimental drug to treat mild cases of Alzheimer's. The drug named as solanezumab is said to have brought a hope to slow the memory decline among Alzheimer's.

However, it seems that doctors and patients will have to wait for couple of years, as the drug maker still has to get green signal from regulators. It has also been found that it is also going to take out a new clinical trial, which is second in the row.

The second clinical trial is said to be initiate from the third quarter of 2013. Concerns were raised when it was found that the drug has failed to reduce the memory loss. But, when it combined the results of two trails, it was found that the drug has reduced mobile loss.

In order to confirm the result, the drug maker is going to carry out a new clinical trial. After knowing the result of the same, the drug maker will see permission from the regulators for marketing the drug.

"We are committed to working with the FDA and other regulatory authorities to bring solanezumab to millions of patients and caregivers suffering from this devastating disease", said David Ricks, Senior Vice-President at Lilly.