FDA Approves Extended Use of Drug Zytiga

It has been recently revealed that the FDA has approved the extended use of the drug Zytiga for men suffering from late stage of prostate cancer in which cancer keeps on increasing despite the provision of hormone therapy.

While explaining the late stage case of prostate cancer, experts affirmed that there are some tumors, which keep on growing irrespective of decline supply of testosterone. In that scenario, the drug Zytiga will be provided.

In order to test the efficacy of the drug, an experiment was carried out. The experiment included 1,088 men, who were suffering from late stage cancer. The group was randomly divided and one of the groups was provided with the drug and the other group was provided with placebo in combination with the drug known as prednisone.

It was then found that the patients in the group, which took placebo in combination with prednisone, were able to survive 30 months. However, on the other hand, patients in the group, which have taken the drug Zytiga was found to be living 35 more months.

It should be noticed that the approval has been provided under the priority review program of the FDA. Dr. Richard Pazdur, who is chief of FDA cancer drugs said, "Provides patients and health care providers the option of using Zytiga earlier in the course of treatment".