Tesla CEO Elon Musk issues detailed criticism of John Broder’s Model S review

The rancorous back-and-forth between Tesla and New York Times - over veteran New York Times reporter John Broder's Sunday posted negative review of Tesla's Model S electric car - witnessed a new development on Wednesday when the Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued an elaborate criticism of Broder's review.

Though Musk had immediately responded to Broder's Sunday piece by slamming it as fraudulent, he has now - in a post on Tesla's official blog - published data drawn from the onboard computer of the Model S tested by Broder.

While Broder had claimed in his Sunday review that he had had a troubled trip from Washington, D. C. to Connecticut in a Tesla Model S because the battery pack of the car drained faster than expected, Musk said in his post that the data from the car's onboard computer clearly contradicts some of the statements made by Broder.

In his notably lengthy blog post, titled `A Most Peculiar Test Drive,' Musk said that Broder never ran out of battery power, as claimed, during the test drive; and added that Broder had kept the heat on even after the Tesla employees - with whom he had got in touch over the phone - had warned him that it would drain the battery.

Elaborating that "the final leg of his (Broder's) trip was 61 miles, and yet he disconnected the charge cable when the range display stated 32 miles," Musk said in the blog post that Broder had not only violated common sense, but had also gone "expressly against the advice of Tesla personnel."