North Korea blames US and South Korea for recent cyber attacks

After cyber attacks in North Korea temporarily shut down websites in the country last week, the Korean Central News Agency - the official North Korean news agency - has blamed the US and South Korea for the cyber attacks which resulted in intermittent Internet access in Pyongyang on Wednesday and Thursday.

While North Korea's Internet provider Loxley Pacific said it was probing into the online attack which had targeted the Pyongyang servers, the Korean Central News Agency said that the US and South Korea apparently had a hand in the cyber attacks.

The news agency said that, by launching "intensive and persistent virus attacks" against North Korea, the two countries were seemingly expanding an aggressive stance against Pyongyang into cyberspace.

North Korea's cyber-attack accusations against the US and South Korea come at a time when the country is already criticizing the two allies for carrying out joint military drills which, as per Pyongyang, is a preparation for invasion.

With North Korea also infuriated by UN sanctions punishing Pyongyang for testing a nuclear device which it claims is required as a defence against US aggression, North's Korean People's Army's Lt. Ri Yong Kwon said - at the heavily militarised border dividing the Korean Peninsula - on Friday: "The US thinks that only it can have nuclear weapons. But we have nuclear weapons for justice, and for the sovereignty of our country."