Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt: Everyone in the world will be online by 2020

In a Saturday post on his Google+ account, Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said - in what can be seen as a somewhat far-fetched vision - that the entire world will be on the Internet by the year 2020.

Noting that for every person who is online in the present times, there are two who are not, Schmidt said that, by the end of this decade, "Everyone on Earth will be connected."

Further elaborating his vision with a related contemplation, Schmidt said on Sunday that the Internet is already "great" with its present "2B users," and added: "Now think about how amazing it will be when 5B come online in a decade."

Despite the fact that Schmidt's vision - that all the people of the world will be online in the nest seven years - underscores the kind of big thinking which has helped Google emerge as one of the world's biggest and most innovative tech firms, some of Schmidt's own followers came out against him for his implausible projections about the Internet scene in the coming years.

Pointing out that what Schmidt had projected was quite unbelievable, a Google+ user going by the name `Mary M' drew attention to the fact that millions of people in Africa cannot even get enough food to eat and South America natives have no idea what technology is; and said: "Maybe you (Schmidt) should rephrase to those in civilized areas or something like that."