Sales of Cars in Europe Witnessed a Rise after 18 Months

As per the recent records shown by European Automobile Manufacture’s Association (ACEA), the sales of new cars in Europe surged in April. The rise in sales has been seen for the first time in last 18 months.

This increase in sales is said to be due to strong demand in UK and also because of early Easter break.

ACEA further reveals that the registration rose by 1.8% to 1.08 million in the month of April as compared to the records of last year. The records further reveal that the last rise in sale of cars was seen in September 2011.

The sales in UK rose by 15% which marked as the best sale in April in last five years and without figures of UK, the sales of Europe would have dropped.

Mike Baunton, Chief Executive of SMMT Interim, said that the company is pleased to see a rise in new car registrations of cars in the month of April after such a long depressing demand of it. He was further quoted as saying, “We note it is only a small increase with year-to-date figures still lower than last year, but it is certainly very welcome as half of all UK vehicle exports go to the continent”.