Youth Employment Model Presented by Austria

A delegation presented their country's model as an instance of best practice successfully assisting the young people discovers worthwhile employment. The delegation includes the presidents of Austria's four social partner organizations. The presentation was represented in Brussels.

The in charge of the Trade Union Federation (ÖGB), the Federal Chamber of Labour (BAK), the Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) and the Chamber of Agriculture (LKÖ) gave explanation about the Austrian Social Partnership.

Teamwork between the major economic interest groups and the government said that it is the major factor for the success of the country to wrestle with unemployment. Presently, near about 7.5 million young Europeans aging below the age of 25 years are without job. This comprises of 23% of the population.

The percentage of the youth employed in Austria is the smallest in the European Union (EU) that comprises of near about 8.7%. Erich Foglar (ÖGB) said that the unemployment in today's youth should be tackled with training.

He said that Austria has a long custom of apprenticeships which are covered by some 40% of school leavers. Australia also has a Youth Guarantee scheme that supports those people who have completed their schools without essential skills and find it difficult to search for suitable placements.

Near about 80% of an Austrian apprenticeship are those people that work in an enterprise. However, 20% is spent in school.