Pet Fit Club’s Pets to Partake in PDSA’s Competition

A total of 13 dogs, with three rotund rabbits and five flabby felines, are featured by Pet Fit Club, which carries a combined excess weight of some 30 stone. It is being said that these spoiled pets would now be fighting to shed some of their weight.

The aforementioned combined weight, as per the findings, is equivalent to over 200 sugar bags. The pets, including massive mutts, cats and bloated bunnies, are those amongst the biggest Brit pets.

The annual competition of People’s Dispensary for Sick Animal (PDSA) is to be held with an aim to encourage owners around the nation to fight pet obesity. It is being said that the pets would partake in the same to cut on their enormous proportions.

The mighty moggy Ulric and the hefty hound Mizzy, the Bullmastiff, are both on the list. The report found that these are the two largest finalists ever in the six-month diet and exercise programme. While Dorset’s Ulric tops the scales at 2 stone, Mizzy from Derby weighs at
11 stone 4lbs.

“The owners of the pets in this year’s competition are taking the vital first step towards a healthy new future for their animals”, PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury.