Careers Struggle to Tackle Situations in Wales

It was suggested that 92% of careers in Wales feel more stressed because of their roles played at their job places.

Another 66% complained that they suffer depression. The reports were declared by the leading charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, CareersTrust, and Age UK. The research has found that 81% of careers were unprepared of caring. It also disclosed that 39% were given the wrong advice about the support on offer.

The report's conclusions have issued warnings against results from the physical, emotional, and financial impact on careers, in the situations if they are not availed with proper support and care. It also suggests that 47% of careers had to quit work due to incapability of handling the collaboration of work and caring duties.

The reports also revealed that 76% suffered in their relationships with friends whereas 62% with their partners. According to the Chairperson of the Wales Care Alliance, Mr. Keith Bowen, 345 people are recruited for the new caring duties on regular basis. He also uncovered the fact that most of these people face difficulties of caring and support.

He suggested that anyone can turn into a career within the time period of a whole night but lack of proper awareness and guidance will make him/her feel isolated and left alone.