NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Finds Subsurface Ocean on Dione

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has revealed certain new facts about Saturn's moon Dione. It is said that the Dione is having a subsurface ocean, which was once geologically active.

Lead researcher Bonnie Buratti from the Cassini science team said that they have assessed the images. After assessing the same, they have reached at a conclusion that in the past time, Dione was similar to Enceladus, the ice-geyser moon.

It is not the first time that subsurface oceans have been found. Study researchers were of the view that they have come across few moons of Saturn and Jupiter, which were having subsurface oceans. Therefore, they can say that the trend is common in the universe.

"If Dione turned out to have a liquid layer under its crust, that would increase the moon's chances of supporting life", said Buratti.

While talking about the way Cassini was able to find subsurface ocean on Dione, Buratti said that with the help of magnetometer, Cassini found water stream on Saturn's moon. Images were taken and assessment of the same has revealed that Dione might be similar to Enceladus.

Buratti said that they have compared Dione and Enceladus and have found that Dione is not geological active like Enceladus Enceladus.