Busuttil will Attend EPP Summit at Vienna

It has been reported that PN Leader Simon Busuttil would be attending European People's Party summit. Venue for the event is Vienna. EU Affairs Marthese Portelli and PN international secretary Trevor De Giorgio will accompany Dr. Busutti for the event.

This summit will bring together European Union and non-European Union Heads of State and Governments, Opposition leaders within the EPP political family. This also includes the President of the European Commission Jose' Manuel Barroso.

EPP has 74 parties from 40 countries. It also involves existing heads of the European Commission and European Council. Even the heads of state and prime ministers from 14 EU countries and six heads of state and 13 members of the European Commission are part of EPP. This huge group is termed as the largest of all in European Parliament.

The EPP summit is usually held in the meetings of the European Council. This includes the heads of state and government from all the EU members. EPP includes largest and most powerful political groups in Europe.

Multitude of topics is in the agenda of EPP summit. It plans to cover several issues. One of the important points of discussion includes impending preparations on the Electoral Manifesto for the 2014 European elections.