Novartis Examination Replica of Amgen's Enbrel in Pro-stage trial

The generics unit of Novartis, Sandoz, has launched a later stage trial with its bio similar version of Amgen's Enbrel. Collectively it is foremost position in generating the cheaper copies of complex biotech drugs.

Along with the initiation of the major study of its version of Enbrel, or etanercep, Sandoz have successfully achieved in capturing near about seven Phase III clinical trials around five bio similar molecules.

This record is said to be more than any company in the whole world. Sandoz said that the newly launched trials are targeted at confirming the biosimilarity of its product versus Enbrel in patients who are suffering from moderate to severe chronic plaque-type psoriasis.

The results will be utilized in serving and supporting the U. S. and European regulatory filings. Other than the classic chemical drugs, biotech medicines include proteins derived from living organisms whose exact replication is not possible.

Hence the generic copies are difficult to develop and to be sold. IMS Health, which is a provider of data for the healthcare industry is hoping for global spending on biosimilars to hike up between the amount of $4 billion and $6 billion by the year 2016.

This hike is expected from $693 million in year 2011. Sandoz has initiated Phase III clinical trial for biosimilaretanercept.