Novel Database of Great Ape Genetic Diversity Made

A massive research has given birth to a data of ape history that spans around 15 million years. Initially, more than 75 researchers and wildlife conservationists were working together to know the genetic variations between humans, chimpanzees and orangutans.

While compiling the data, they came up with the data base that has population histories of great apes that lived in Africa and Indonesia. Study researchers across the globe have looked into genetic diversity of as many as 79 captive and wild great apes.

It shall be noted that the study reaserchers have included six species of great ape. The six species that have been studied are chimpanzee, bonobo, Bornean orangutan, lowland gorilla, Sumatran orangutan and eastern gorilla.

Co-author of research Richard K. Wilson from the Washington University School of Medicine said that the study has proved very useful for them. It has helped them to know about how genome behave when population changes.

"Gathering this data is critical to understanding differences between great ape species and separating aspects of the genetic code that distinguish humans from other primates", said Peter Sudmant, co-author of the study from the University of Washington. Study reaserchers said that the data is able to tell a number of things related to great apes.