Study says Excessive use of Cell Phones makes the User less Fit

According to new study, cell phone use reduces physical fitness. The study was conducted by the researchers from the College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University. The study was aimed to establish a relationship between using cell phones and physical fitness.

Cell phones have increasingly become a tool that leads to sedentary lifestyle similar to playing videogames, surfing the internet or watching videos. However, there is one advantage of using cell phones that they are small and portable. They can be used while doing a physical activity.

A survey was conducted by the authors that involved 300 college students from the Midwest. They were asked about their cell phone usage and activity level. Fitness level and body composition test were performed on 49 of them.

The findings were surprising, as despite cell phones are portable, people were less likely to be physically active while using them. The researchers revealed that students, who spent more than 14 hours a day on their cell phones, were not as fit as those who spent approximately 90 minutes a day on their phones.

"Now that I have switched to the iPhone I would say it definitely decreases my physical activity because before I just had a Blackberry, so I didn't have much stuff on it. But now, if I'm bored, I can just download whatever I want", said one of the students.