Terra Motors unveils smartphone-connected electric scooter – the new A4000i

In an earlier this week announcement, Japanese firm Terra Motors Corporation unveiled its new electric scooter - the A4000i electric scooter - which comes with a built-in iPhone dock. The two-person A4000i electric scooter essentially brings together the form factor of a traditional scooter and the modern-day technology of smartphones.

According to Terra Motors' claims, the launch of the new A4000i electric scooter makes the company the first firm to mass produce a wireless, smartphone-connected scooter. The cost of the scooter in most of the Asian markets will be approximately $4,500; and it will boast compatibility with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5. An iPhone-model of the scooter will also be available, though its cost has not been revealed.

The A4000i electric scooter basically makes the owners' iPhone work as the dashboard of the vehicle; thereby giving the owners the ability to view battery charge information of the scooter, its mileage, and its current speed in real-time.

About the advancements which Terra Motors has planned to bring aboard the future versions of the A4000i, the company said that it intends to make it possible for the scooter to exploit the GPS abilities of the iPhone, so that the riders can view mapping information.

Noting that "smartphone connection can provide new service to customers," Terra Motors said in a news release that the A4000i will be "more than means of transportation."