Obesity May be Curse of Genes

Obesity has become a cause of concerns for countries across the world. A number of studies are taking place in order to know more about the same and the ways by which it can be curbed.

Recently, a research has taken place by a group of researchers from Boston Children's Hospital. Study researchers were of the view that generally, it has been said that people do not keep control on them.

Lack of control makes them gain weight. But lead researcher Dr. Joseph Majzoub has a different take on the same. He was of the view that genes may be responsible for obesity.

Study researchers were of the view that MRAP2 is a gene that controls the weight by acting in brain. Study researchers said that they deleted the gene to know the effect of the same. They noticed that mice with deleted genes were gaining a lot of weight.

It was considered that they might be eating more than their siblings. But when it was noticed that they were eating the equal amount as their siblings whose gene was not missing, it was found that the obese mice can only be kept slim if they are fed 10% to 15% less than their siblings.