Plain Packaging of Cigarette Proves Beneficial

A study was carried out to assess the initial effect of Federal Government's plain packaging smoking decision. As per the study, which has been published in the BMJ Open, it has been unveiled that the plain packaging reform has been showing success.

It has been said so as people who have smoked from plain packets of cigarette have considered about quitting smoking in comparison to those who smoked from branded packets.

One of the other important things that got revealed through the study was that people found smoking from plain packets as less satisfying and of low quality. The study was undertaken by the Cancer Council and it has unveiled that more than 33% smokers felt that cigarettes were of lower quality.

"The larger graphic health warnings, which now cover almost the entire front of the pack, make it almost impossible for smokers to ignore the devastating harms of smoking", said Quit Victoria acting CEO Kylie Lindorff.

In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers have analyzed 536 smokers in Victoria. Cancer Council Victoria CEO Todd Harper said that the study will encourage more number of countries like Australia to have plain packaging for cigarettes.