Dutch Prince Johan Friso Succumbs after 18 Months in Coma

Dutch Prince, Johan Friso, 44 has succumbed after being in coma for 18 months. He went into coma after an avalanche skiing accident in Austria. Prince was found buried in avalanche under the snow and was rescued after 15 minutes.

The prince met with the skiing accident in February 2012 that had damaged his brain. Last month, the prince was moved to Netherlands from a London Hospital, but the complications caused by brain damage only increased.

The Government announced the death of the Prince on Monday. "Prince Friso died from complications that arose as a consequence of the brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation following his skiing accident," said the statement issued by the Government. The statement added that after the life taking accident the prince could not gain normal consciousness.

Prince Johan Friso was the youngest brother of King Willem-Alexander and second son of Queen Beatrix. After the news, King Willem-Alexander, who ascended the throne in April, is returning back from a vacation in Greece with wife Queen Maxim.

Prince Friso was a Mechanical Engineering degree holder and married to a common girl Mabel Wisse Smit, due to which he had to give up his right of accession. Father of two daughters, Prince Friso was working as a Chief Financial Officer for a uranium improvement company, Ureno in Berkshire.