Fruit, Vegetable Consumption Linked with Bowel Cancer Prevention

As per a study, it has been unveiled that fruit-vegetable consumption is able to reduce the risk of blood cancer among women.

The study, titled Multiethnic Cohort (MEC) Study, is part of an investigation that was established in 1993. The study was carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Hawaii Cancer Center.

The researchers collected samples from 185,885 older adults. They collected these samples over a period of 12.5 years. After the samples were assessed, it was found that 581 people were found to be having cancer; 152 were women and 429 men.

It shall be noted that the study researchers have considered a number of factors like age and hereditary risk to reach at the above mentioned conclusion. After assessing all the factors, it was found that if women have fruits and vegetables, they are at an increased risk of having fruits and vegetables.

Some of the other things that were unveiled through the study was those women who were consuming yellow-orange vegetables were having 52% less risk to suffer from bladder cancer in comparison to women who were consuming yellow-orange vegetables.

"Our study supports the fruit and vegetable recommendation for cancer prevention", said researcher Song-Yi Park.