Baby Boomers May Not Have Caregivers in Old Age

It has recently been suggested by shifting demographics that baby boomers could be having lesser or no friends to look after them when they enter their 80s.

The ageing boomers are even unlikely to have family members by their side. The same does not imply that today's elderly are not being assisted by people. But, today's people in their mid-ages have to face adverse scenarios when they turn older.

The report said that the shift in the fall in the caregiver support ratio would probably worsen the financial pressures as well as the emotional strain weighing on families.

AARP senior policy analyst, Lynn Feinberg, said that over 66% of people in America are of the belief that they could count on their families. They would be helped in meeting their requirements while they would be in need of long-term care.

But, in actual, the confidence being shown by these baby boomers in their families is at risk of facing a decline down the road. Since, the same is likely to concur with the decreasing number of family caregivers.

The potential caregiver to care-needing boomer ratio is expected to go down by 2050 to 2.9 to 1 from 7.2 to 1, noted in 2010.

"In just 13 years, as the baby boomers age into their 80s, the decline in the caregiver support ratio will shift from a slow decline to a free-fall", the study claimed.