Researchers Create Photonic Crystal Inspired by Callophrys Rubi

According to researchers from Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany and Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, a photonic crystal has lately been produced by them.

It has been found that the humble Callophrys Rubi butterfly has inspired the collaboration, forcing it to replicate microscopic structures in the creature's wings. Thereby, a device could be created, which helped in making optical communication faster as well as much more secure.

The crystal is smaller as compared to a human hair. The same has the potential to split left as well as right circularly polarized light.

The crystal has been provided with such features, which lack in naturally occurring crystals.

The Callophrys Rubi is also called as the Green Hairstreak. It is being said that the creature has 3D nano-structures inside its wings. These structures give the wings the vibrant green colour they have.

According to the report, nano-structures are there with other insects as well. Their colour is provided by these. But, the Callophrys Rubi comes with one difference.

"This butterfly's wing contains an immense array of interconnected nano-scale coiled springs that form a unique optical material. We used this concept to develop our photonic crystal device", said Dr. Mark Turner, Swinburne PhD graduate.