Floods in the Lake by snow melts generate the Yearly Underwater Park

The pictures of the sight clearly illustrate a scuba diver examining the depth of the underwater world. However, a closer and more attentive look at the photo will make one sight a tree, a bridge and even a park bench inside the waters.

These amazing pictures of an Austrian lake describe a diver traversing in the lake. The lake witness floods every year that covers every part of the neighboring area. The lake is situated among the snowy Karst Mountains, the Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria. The lake is near about one meter in depth.

For most of the time of the year, the visitors visiting the park can get a beautiful view of the lagoon and the amazing landscape. They can enjoy these things from one of the benches situated near the edge of the water.

The tourist can also go down several footpaths and by leaving behind a number of tiny bridges. However, with the passing time, every year the lake floods and submerges everything around it. The twelve meters of deep water covers the trees, footpaths, benches and bridges.

The Gallons of 7°C water covers its size from near about 2,000sq meters to around 4,000sq meters. The news of this self developing lake was heard by diver Marc Henauer, from Perly, Switzerland and he himself came to the place to explore it.