Transition to Weaning Foods should be Gradual

A research has been carried out by a group of researchers from University of Glasgow in Scotland. As per the same, it has been unveiled that commercial foods sold in the UK for weaning infants seem not to be increasing the nutrient density and diversity needed in infants' food.

More than 400 complementary solid foods were checked. Majority of them were found to be sweet and they were found to be not provided much extra nutritional benefit when compared with breast milk.

As per the report, 79% of the food items were found to be soft and 65% were found to be sweet. Ada Garcia from the university said that they have seen companies promoting their products for infants as young as four months.

But researchers were of the view that children should exclusively be on breast milk diet at that age. Health officials in the UK said that transition should be gradual with things like cereal, mashed vegetables and fruits. With time, its level should be increased to protein-rich foods.

"This highlights the central role the commercial infant food market plays in shaping babies' diets and the importance of understanding the type of commercially prepared infant foods available", said study researchers.