‘Queen of the Dirt’ Buchanan wins her Second World Championship

The world championship has been won by Caroline Buchanan, Australia's `Queen of the Dirt' in less than two months. She took out the 4X (four-cross) final at the mountain bike world championships in Austria.

The BMX world crown has been won by her in Auckland in July. In her second world championship, she has defeated beat Katy Curd from Great Britain and Celene Gros from France in the competition.

Before focusing on BMX in the lead-up to the London Olympics, she was winner of the event in 2009 and 2010. This was her third world 4X title.

Only 56 days separated her two crowns and she came fifth in the world downhill mountain bike championships held in South Africa earlier this month.

She went into these three world championships because she wanted to test herself after the efforts made by her in London Olympics last year.

She admired the work of Australian Institute of Sport strength and conditioning Coach Julian Jones for helping her.

She won the world title fifth time in just five years and has become the youngest athlete to have won five elite world championships. All this was achieved by her at an age of 22.