Political Science to be Eliminated from Funding NSF

A majority of funding for political science from the funds of the National Science Foundation (NSF) has been nominated by the Congress to remove it. This was done this year in Mach.

A disclosure of the draft of the new US High Quality Research Act has led to an argument across the research community. The reason for this argument is that continuous efforts made by Congress to hinder scientific grant process.

Focusing on short-term economic impact attracts policymakers. The opinion regarding the role of government to finance basic research would be agreed by most of them. This policy was established by the US by setting up the National Science Foundation after the Second World War.

European Research Council (ERC), projects in the social sciences and humanities are treated same as those in physics and engineering, and life sciences. Approximately, 17% of the ERC's total funds are given to the social sciences and humanities. These funds are aimed at cutting-edge projects from economics, public policy, psychology and linguistics related to history, archaeology and research based on art.

An important conference is being held on Monday and Tuesday by Lithuania, which currently holds the EU presidency about "Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities".