Software Glitch Forces Cygnus to Abort First Space Station Approach

According to a new report by the NASA officials, a new robotic commercial cargo ship had to abort its first approach to the International Space Station (ISS) after a software glitch. This Cygnus spacecraft was built by Orbital Sciences Corp.

Astronauts expected to capture the Cygnus with the robotic arms, which they will operate from the space station.

Orbital Sciences Corp confirmed that Cygnus established a direct contact with the ISS this morning. They found that the values of the data received from the Cygnus were not the same as they expected, causing the data to be rejected by the Cygnus.

The space agency notes that it will take approximately 48 hours for Cygnus to restart its approach to ISS, given the orbital mechanism of the space trajectory.

NASA officials said: "This mandated an interruption of the approach sequence. Orbital has subsequently found the causes of this discrepancy and is developing a software fix".

NASA officials explained that it will take two days for the Cygnus to make a second attempt in order to link up with the space station. This is because of the software glitch which has occurred in the Cygnus spacecraft.

NASA officials added that there exists another chance for the viewers to see the Cygnus spacecraft from the ground.