Sugar is not the culprit or is it?

As there is a gradual increase in the number of people getting fatter and sicker, everybody is in the search of the culprit. Most of the people point out the sugar to be the culprit. However, the sugar proponent denies the fact.

In the gone month, the South African National Health Nutrition Examination Survey, raised alarm for the world with their findings that 25% and 40% of women were overweight and obese respectively. On the other hand, 20% of men were overweight and 12% obese.

The research was conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). It issued warnings that South Africa is moving towards disaster at a faster rate. The reason for the fact can be found in the increasing level of the diseases like the hypertension, type-two diabetes, cardiovascular diseases are presenting a rising epidemic state.

Although billions of dollars are being spent on conducting researches to find the actual cause of obesity and more amount of money on the drugs that are supposed to uproot the problem, it seems that the answer for all is not so easy.

The reason for the same lies in the fact that there are the interests of many companies on stake. However, as per Dr. Louise van den Berg of the University of the Free State's department of nutrition and dietetics, there has been no evidence for the fact that sugar in the diet, aside from sugar-sweetened beverages is related to threats.