Biggest lenders need to raise 115 billion Euros

According to reports, the world's biggest banks need to boost their capital by 115 billion Euros ($155 billion). This is required so that the banks are able to comply with tougher rules.

More than 60% of the shortfall is in Europe, where the lenders have been slower to strengthen.

The capital shortfall fell by _83 billion during the second half of last year, as banks retained more of their profits and raised capital, although the pace of improvement was not as quick in Europe as elsewhere.

However, the lenders have made progress in increasing the capital effectively.

The Basel Committee of global regulators on Wednesday said the shortfall at top international banks was based on a target to hold a minimum core capital level of 7 %, plus capital surcharges required for the 28 biggest banks.

The findings of the committee were based on their balance sheet at the end of the last year.

Until 2019, the new capital rules do not fully come into effect. The experts and the analysts expect the banks to recover the shortfall.

According to the experts, the banks should strengthen themselves by using their profits and not by issuing more shares.