Re-Election for Austria’s Chancellor

Austria is a European country with a healthy economy. It is now all set to conduct polls to re-elect its chancellor. The polls will take place on Sunday. Austria has close business ties with Germany and it has remained unaffected by the debt crisis that is known to have been troubling southern Europe.

Austria's unemployment rates have been the lowest in Europe and economic growth has been steady. Werner Faymann is highly likely to return to the chair as country's stability during the global crisis gives everyone a reason to endorse his return.

Grand coalition of Austria's two biggest parties has been led by Mr. Fayman since 2007. His center-left Social Democrats and the center-right People's Party have governed the Alpine republic in tandem for most of its postwar history.

If to go by the prediction of political analysts, there is a high possibility of a renewal of the current Social Democrat-led government.

"This election will determine if the two parties currently in power will win a new mandate in the same coalition or if for the first time in Austrian history, a three-way coalition is necessary", Marcelo Jenny, political scientist at Vienna University, told AFP. Austria is among the wealthiest countries in Europe and standard of living is commendable there.