Europe being Granted with Airbus A400M after 30 Years of Development

As per reports, the long-awaited Airbus A400M military transport plane will be toasted by the European politicians at a ceremony. But, this may lead to a great setback to their largest-ever collaborative defense project.

Europe after 30 years of their development, Europe was granted a first troop and cargo plane. This first cargo plane was amongst the 170 troops and cargo planes, which were being ordered by seven nations. This is a major step forward for the Europe towards an independent military transport facilities.

Earlier, since the European aircrafts were suffering from the cost issues with its huge turbo-prop engines and a four-year delivery delay. This A400M plane has been a great achievement for them to enhance their foreign sales.

Aircraft's manufacturer had questioned the European aircrafts, that despite of their weak financial conditions, it would be difficult for them to handle the future conflicts. They said that this would also be challenging for them to co-operate on large defense procurements with the other nations.

Tom Enders, chief executive of Airbus parent EADS, said: "I think we are further away from a common foreign and security policy than as compared to last 20 years. There seem no chances of improvement in the next 20 years".