Austria’s Parties Set to Renew Coalition after Election

According to reports, Austrian parties are set to renew its grand coalition after the election. They suffered their worst results during elections and lost their support with the far-right Freedom party and a new liberal party after the Second World War.

Chancellor Werner Faymann's Social Democrats had organized a campaign to protect the jobs, pensions and redistributing the wealth. He was supported by the 27.1% of the people's vote. This rate is 2% less than, when compared in the year 2008.

The Conservative People's Party in order to encourage the new five-year term in parliament also shed its 2% vote to the two dominated parties, resulting to a rate of 23.8%.

Michael Spindelegger, OVP leader, would be invited by the Faymann, in order to join his new coalition government. He acknowledged that he offered him to join not because of the overwhelming vote of confidence.

"There is much to do, on the one hand to justify this result and on the other hand to build up more trust for the future", said Michael Spindelegger.

Michael added that he was not in the support to rule out a coalition with the far-right Freedom party and with the Frank Stronach, the new Eurosceptic party of Austro-Canadian car-parts magnate.