Mars Soil Contains Water: Study

A research has been conducted by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The researchers have affirmed that with the help of Curiosity rover's scoop that was used to explore Mars surface; they have collected sand, dirt and grained soil.

The same was added into an instrument onboard Curiosity known as Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM). The next step in the process was of heating, which was done at 835 degrees Celsius.

Lead researcher Laurie Leshin was of the view that heating process gave them an idea that the Martian soil contains lot of water. If to go as per the study researchers then it has been found that Martian soil's around
2% is made up of water.

Some of the other things that have been revealed after heating the soil scoop were the release of carbon dioxide, sulphur compounds and oxygen.

The revelation of the same has been mentioned in the journal Science. "If you mix many grains of it together, you probably have an accurate picture of typical martian crust. By learning about it in any one place, you're learning about the entire planet", affirmed Leshin.

This is going to help when further researches on Mars will be carried out. Heating process has unveiled one thing and that is abundance of water on Mars.